Get On-Board with Vauxhall OnStar

The launch of Vauxhall’s pioneering OnStar in-car personal connectivity and service assistance technology is imminent. To demonstrate this one-of-a-kind system, Vauxhall has made nine brilliant short videos, which are showcased on its YouTube channel.

Each video is under a minute in length and clearly and concisely runs through animated demonstrations of each key feature.

The Personal Navigation Assistance will send directions to the car’s navigation system for any location or place of interest, even if you are in Europe. There’s no need to pop the bonnet to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle. With the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics you can set up a monthly online health check which remotely looks at the vehicle systems including tyre pressure, oil levels, airbags and transmission and sends an email report each 12 times a year. Even if you’re in Europe, don’t have a phone or know where you are Roadside Assistance will be able to get a local vehicle recovery operator to your rescue. If you’re involved in a crash the vehicle’s Automatic Crash Assistance’s sensors would automatically alert the OnStar team to assess your requirements. If you suspect vehicle theft the stolen vehicle assistance can pinpoint your car’s exact location and disable the engine, as well as alert police to its location.

On top of all this, OnStar WiFi can turn a vehicle into a WiFi ‘hot spot’ which can be utilised by up to seven devices at any one time, whether you want to stream, surf, play or upload - it provides a fast and stable 4G service.

There’s even a smartphone app for Vauxhall OnStar, which connects you to your car to locate it should you forget where it’s parked, remotely lock or unlock your vehicle and check fuel levels and tyre pressures – you can even remotely program the sat nav for the journey ahead!

OnStar’s pioneering technology puts drivers in touch with a trained operator, not a machine, to assist with a query. Connection to an OnStar advisor can be via direct phone call, online or from the blue button in all new Vauxhalls. Making your driving experience easier, safer smarter and even more enjoyable.

To view the new demonstration videos visit: Or to experience the new OnStar service pop into York, Ward & Rowlatt and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales advisors.