Customer Services

York Ward & Rowlatt is a renowned Vauxhall expert, dedicated to providing an exceptional service to every individual we serve. Excellent customer service is embedded in all that we do, and we have been awarded by Vauxhall for our dedication for five consecutive years in 2012-2016. The Customer Excellence Award is proof that we are focused on our customers’ satisfaction – why not visit us today to see what we can do for you.

Meeting your expectations

We take pride in our work and endeavour to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding your expectations. We go that extra mile to make you happy and provide you with the best experience at our dealership. We understand that it’s not just about owning the award, but demonstrating our expertise and dedication every time.

Look for the logo

You will find the official emblem of the Customer Excellence Award on the banner at the top of each page on our website.

Deciding the winners

Through customer surveys in Purchase Satisfaction and Service Satisfaction, Vauxhall updates their index of Retailer performance. Each time you purchase a model from us or have your Vauxhall serviced, you will be invited to complete one of these surveys. Around 30,000 surveys are collated over half a year, giving Vauxhall a strong idea of how customers rate their experience. Retailers with the highest scores on these surveys are then granted the Customer Excellence Award.

Body Shop work
Motor Industry Customer Protection Bodies

If you are unsatisfied with our service…

There may be instances where your expectations are not met. In order to make this right, we ask that you speak to the manager of the department from which you received service. After this, we have set up a complaints procedure where we aim to get back in touch with you within 14 days.

If your complaint is left unresolved, York Ward & Rowlatt will refer to the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair – the self-regulatory body for the automotive industry governed by the Motor Codes.

To access the Motor Codes, contact trading standards at:

71 Great Peter Street

Telephone: 020 7344 1651