​Family trips for February half term​ from York, Ward & Rowlatt

Feeling the pressure to come up with ideas for February half term? Now is the perfect time to discover what the half term has to offer! With an abundance of activities and a range of places to visit, from interesting museums to the home of the most exotic insects, there is something for the whole family to enjoy.

To celebrate the extensive and ever-expanding range of Vauxhall family cars, York, Ward & Rowlatt has created a must-read guide for family trips to take in February. Set to have your kids having fun all week long, these must-visit expeditions are not only exciting and great value, but also right on your doorstep! What are you waiting for? Read on, get the family together, grab your keys and let’s go.

The Canal Museum, Stoke Bruerne

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful village of Stoke Bruerne on the Grand Union Canal, the Canal Museum takes you and your family through the interesting stories and long-standing traditions of Britain's historic canals with its free, informative audio guide. Uncovering the heritage of the waterways, the Canal museum demonstrates the importance of the canal system in a fun and engaging way. The site also neighbours Rookery Farm so your family can meet the fluffy farm animals and also includes blissful picnic spots so you and your family can tuck into a round of homemade sarnies! Combined with its picturesque setting of the idyllic Stoke Bruene village, there is no denying this is a destination worth visiting.

As you venture further towards the canals, you will be able to take in even more of the outstanding scenery of the countryside. Our Crossland X is perfect for a road trip to South Northamptonshire. Its ample-sized boot means the SUV not only has enough room for families to prepare for unpredictable British weather for canal side or woodland walks, bringing along anoraks, fleeces, gloves and shorts for everyone, it also means you can take as much food as you might need to keep your kiddies well-fed all day long.


This February half term, why not embark on a bug-tastic adventure and take the whole family to visit Bugtopiain Kettering. With over 75 species of insects and animals to discover, Bugtopia is sure to keep your family entertained all half term long! From fierce tarantulas, exotic armadillos and rare frilled dragons, the centre offers interactive meet ‘n’ greets with the peculiar insects and in-depth talks about all the species on site.

The whole family are sure to want to come along to this trip, so if you’re looking for the ideal family to fit everyone in comfortably then our Mokka X is perfect. All about quality, comfort and welcoming space, the Mokka X is designed with supportive, high-mounted seats and comfortably placed controls that add to the sense of roominess, making the journey to Bugtopia one of enjoyment and comfort. As well as expertly meeting all the needs of the family, the Mokka X’s Electronic Climate Control includes a dual-zone setting meaning you can set a different temperature for each side of the SUV. At York, Ward & Rowlatt, we think of everything!

Stanwick Lakes

For families looking for a fun-filled day, then look no further! Stanwick Lakes hosts an array of adventurous activities to keep your family entertained this February half term. From baking and cooking, to bird watching and walking treks, there is something for everyone! What’s more, during the February half term, Stanwick Lakes offer their very own Stanwick Quest, where intrepid explorers are invited to start their very own adventure and follow the clues to earn themselves the title of “Stanwick Explorer”.

With so much to do and so much to see, it’s likely you will be navigating your way home after a fun-filled day in the early evening once the sun has set. Fear not, as our Astrawill get you home safe and sound. Available with IntelliLux LED matrix headlights that automatically adjust the shape of your high beam to maximise visibility, as well as a front camera system that includes lane departure warning, forward collision alert and traffic sign recognition the Vauxhall Astra aids safer driving.

Not only this, our Astra can help you exit a jam-packed car park and get you out a sticky spot with its hands-free advanced park assist and rear-view camera technologies.

And there you have it; our guide to keeping the little ones entertained over the February half term. From exotic insects, picturesque canals and the must-visit Stanwick Lakes, it’s safe to say there is plenty to keep the kids entertained throughout the holiday break. A chance to learn, discover, explore and enjoy, these half term highlights are the perfect cheap trips for the family, and are ones not to be missed! And what’s more, our range of family-friendly cars at York, Ward & Rowlatt are sure to add to the enjoyment.

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